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Top 5 free vst instruments for 2019

Published: a month ago

I am Hydlide. Welcome to my vlog. Today I will do a video about my favorite VST plugins so far for 2019. While this is just a top 5 list of vst plugins, I can imagine some people will have a different preference and just downvote this video because "their" favorite plugin is not mentioned in this list.

If you have any suggestions what you prefer to be your favorite, let me know in the comment section below.

scroo vst from fullbucket:

The scrooo is a polyphonic software synthesizer plug-in. This synth is a combination of formants and FM while trying to be unique at it.


Download link:

modulair vst:

Modulair is a free modular synth as a VST. I didn't go for VCV rack in this case, because it still has a lot of issues as a VST plugin these days (while I recorded this video). While I like the idea on where VCV is going, I am still following up on the whole VCV rack as they are developing this. So you might expect some videos on this channel later about the VCV rack concepts and how to do sound design in those as wel...

keyzone classic


keyzone classic is a free Piano VST that tries to do an awesome job at playing a piano. This piano set comes with round robin samples playing yamaha paino, steinway piano, and rhodes pianos.

Ample guitar M free (lite)


The ample guitar is an accoustic guitar plugin that uses 2 round robin tables where you can mix 2 different mic settings. The full version uses more mics and different round robin settings. I must admit I was quite astonished at the quality of this free version (usually these things sound very stiff, while this one sounds very organic even while being a freebee).

Chamber Orchestra VST (based on versilian studios free orchestra:


This VST uses the sounds from verisilian studios free sound orchestra samples (a github repo:

The versilian studio repo is a general-purpose sample library created by Versilian Studios LLC for the purpose of introducing a set of quality, publicly available samples suitable for use in software and media of all kinds.

I did a free refill for propellerhead reason back in the days called the reason refill 2016 (

Anyway, have lots of fun and I will talk to you later.
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: a month ago

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