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The new direction

Published: 6 months ago

I am Hydlide of ReasonExperts. This may not be anything new that I am going to post on this 'blog'. But I want to make it more official (rather than having it as a rumor). Since recently there is a large smear campaign going on (as totally expected) about myself, this site and a vlog post that I posted on the internet almost 4 days ago by the time I am posting this.

Yes, I am giving Reason a rest. Yes, I am moving on in a different direction. And yes I understand the difference between an NDA and an EULA (hence it is a delicate issue. Hence I am being politically correct about things and not throwing everything out in the open because my license might be on the line when I would further exploit the issue I am referring too). NDA meaning you sign a nondisclosure agreement (something I did not sign anyway) and EULA meaning End Users License Agreement where it states what the user may do and may not do regarding accepting the user license.

Anyhow, for those who might be interested in the reasons why, and how. Let me briefly talk you through this so you understand my point of view about this.

Back in the days, I ran an I7 920 4 core machine to basically do everything related to making music and doing my videos. Because of different performance issues which started with the use of Blamsoft Zero, later Expanse and later the list got bigger. Not that this is a VST related issue (since the issue is there since Reason 8, just saying). While I had accepted the fact that the issue was there, I therefore never talked about the implementation of Hyperthreading nor Multi-core support. Since, who cares right?

This year I purchased an I9 14 core machine because of different reasons. First of all, my nine-year-old computer had to go into retirement just because it had old components. I wanted to gather myself state of the art equipment (while not having to deal with any hardware upgrades for the next coming 5 years, as I did with my previous setup). It had to run Reason pretty smooth (DSP). And some other things that came to mind.

While at first I pretty happy with this machine while I started using it (other tools I personally use). But then came Reason 10. What I have witnessed was such a large shock that I had to move gears and start to think about how I could personally solve my own personal issue regarding making music and such. The problem regarding multi-core support starts to show visual and becomes hearable when you have more cores. Where it resulted in having spent over $4000 on a new system and only able to use 4 instances of Expanse (where a different thing happened on my older I7 since I could use more instances. As I have done much research on DSP using my old system I, therefore, ran different test case scenarios to figure out where the issue was coming from.

Part of the results has been posted in an article I wrote down myself a week ago in Ableton vs Reason regarding performance. While at some extent people can just simply blame it on the VST implementation. I think otherwise because the exact same issue was already there since Reason 8. The issue becomes much more visual while looking at 14 cores though. 

The main conclusion I could make from this is that the way that other DAWs have a better support regarding multi-core support (make note, even while the other topic says "Ableton" other DAWs perform differently using multi-core support). This is where I started to dive into the culprit of the issue. Which eventually lead me to a thing called the "Reason Engine". While I had this issue before (with hyperthreading) I did a few benchmarks (as presented in the article I linked) to fact check where things went wrong.

Since I by now know what the issue is, and I had pointed out this issue before with the hyperthreading issue (where so-called experts point out it is a DSP thing, which is not the case). But as far as I can tell this is just the tip of the iceberg because it goes much further than this. And this is where I am basically stopping the whole thought on where it basically goes wrong. Because beyond this point I would violate the EULA (end user license agreement, not the NDA).

Hence everything that should be publically be known is all there. While I am trying to be as concrete as I want to be (hence I am rewriting the same thoughts just once again so you have full context on the subject).

Maybe one day I will write an article about multi-core processing and hyperthreading and how it is handled and how it should have been handled one day (just to shed some more light on the subject). But at this point, I don't have a really big urge to defend my claims just to defend myself (since it has already gone to a point of being hopeless on that regard where people draw the wrong conclusion). 

Hydlide is a drama queen!

To respond to the notion that "Hydlide is a drama queen" type of posts and remarks I have been seeing online (Reddit, Youtube and Reasontalk). The issue I have posted has nothing to with anything from the past (as others would suggest). Since I got my new computer there is a large disconnect (literally) between Propellerhead Reason and myself. Which results in an unworkable situation. And I personally do not feel the need to wait for a "patch" to fix this. Since I am just a customer, I can decide for myself how I would deal with the situation. Not to cause drama, just being open minded and share my personal experience about it (see my other 700 videos just to check how much drama comes with it... ow wait). 

I think it would have been better to throw it out in the open that I am moving on, explaining the reason why because of my own followers. I personally think it would even be more shocking if I would start a new series and say "Hi I am Hydlide of ReasonExperts and today we'll be making this in Ableton". This is one of the reasons why I already made a "guys heads up, I am moving on and I think Black Friday 2018". So my followers are informed, but of course, it has a different side effect (as expected).

I am not the only one suffering from performance issues. I see these posts, videos returning on a weekly basis. Another person who has been talking about the issue (and moved to Bitwig) is ComputerChillGuy. While he has different reasons to go totally mental about the product. "I personally have seen the increase of performance problems since VST has been introduced". And the list goes on.

So it isn't just me. But since it has an impact on my work, my workflow and everything else music related I have to make a choice. I usually post my findings online somewhere (youtube, vlogs, this 'blog'). And because I speak my mind it comes with the price of being insulted in return. I saw that one coming. I also saw it coming that people would start digging up 15 years of history and only look at the negative side of things and ignore the rest. So be it. 

While I have enjoyed the experience of using Reason since 2003 (15 years by now), while making more than 1500 videos about it (this includes the deleted hydlide24 channel, the old site the sound of reason, youtube channels such as reason4music, VST in reason, modular synthesis, reason vlog, and reason experts). I think a product has a lot of potential for making music. It is fun to use it. It has just come just to a point that I am simply moving on to other things simply because I can't use it the way I used to use it.

Time for a change of direction

So with all being said, I am changing my workflow. Recently I have purchased Native Instruments Komplete and yesterday evening I bought Serum from xfer for 163 euro. 

In the near future (Black Friday 23 November 2018) I am going to get myself a different DAW (or DAWs). And possible candidates are Bitwig, Studio One or Ableton Live. The DAW I am most likely not going to get is FL Studio because there is a large disconnect for me regarding the workflow. While in the current state I am more leaning towards Ableton Live. I am still investigating whether to get a different solution or have another solution next to this. 

While at the same time there are several plugins I do like to own as a replacement for things I have been doing inside of Reason. StutterEdit (Izotope) comes to mind. And there are some mastering plugins I am looking right now. From the effect list, I am looking at blackhole reverb. While I know this one is pretty expensive as a reverb (but then again, I also had the expensive TSAR reverb from softtube). So I'll grab that one day too. I am taking it one step at a time.

While this move is essential for me, it may have an impact on everything related to the work I am currently doing. I am just sorry it had to come to this, but hopefully, you guys might still pick up a thing or two while I am exploring new things. Or maybe you will find yourself another reason mentor who does better explanations than I do. 

So let me explain what might eventually happen in a Q&A type of setup.

The change of direction and the impact

To answer the basic questions regarding my work, my videos (since it is all about me now) and my sites, I will use the following section to answer a few basic questions:

Q. What is going to happen to the reasonexperts channel?
A. Not much. The direction is going to be different and it will eventually be renamed into a different channel by the time it is relevant.

Q. What is going to happen to the site
A. Nothing will change yet. Somewhere in the future, you may see some form of restructuring taking place, but most of the elements I have done in the past will be kept.

Q. What about the shop feed you have on this site?
A. The feed will remain there in its current form (since this is an automated process). In case Propellerhead decides to change the shop on their end, this feed might become broken. When this might happen, I will decide then if I will change it or not. 

Q. Can we expect any new Reason related content?
A. On the short term, I am going to finish up a series about control voltage. While in the current situation I am in, I personally do not enjoy making them And I might not make it that long as I originally had planned. When Black Friday hits, I will simply focus on my new toys from that day on. So you may expect not much content related to Reason coming out during a longer period of time.

Q. Are you going to create a new channel for making new videos (regardless of any DAW)?
A. No, while the brand 'reasonexperts' might have a different direction that does not mean I can't make new videos using this name. A rename of the channel might come later. But you will not really notice much from this anyway. Only the intro of each video is going to change.

Q. You are joking right?
A. No... 

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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 6 months ago

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16 Apr 2019 


Hey Man,

Thanks for all the great videos. They have taught me a quite a bit and really helped me get past some things I was struggling with. I hope you get to try 10.3 soon. Please continue with all the wonderful tutorials.
5 Dec 2018 


I use Reason and Reaper. Reason is awesome in so many ways but until Props update some key features, I can't use it as my main daw. Reason is great for sounds and experimenting....and for song ideas....but when it comes to mixing a very large session, Reaper is miles ahead.

I tried Ableton once and for me it was not user friendly. The workflow is strange to me.

I used to use Studio One when it came out and really liked it, but it has gotten too bloated in my opinion.

I've been with Reason since 7 and just updated to 10. And while I do love it, and the RE format, I see no need to update again until Props seriously update some key features that users have been wanting for years.
19 Nov 2018 


Hi Hydlide,

Just wanted to share a thought. I follow your posts and admire your effort and skills you keep on sharing, unique to experience this positive and very useful information.
You also must have a lot of knowledge about programming, building sites etc. So why, taking into account the software issues which are not responded to for some reason, do you not make your own VST, in JUCE. And maybe make a small special about this? There are many open source DAW's , all source / effects are there to copy paste into JUCE and probably for you feasable to make some nice low CPU usage VST effect which you can show to the big companies , how this should or can be programmed. Make a long nose to them and stay on the ship.
Maybe if you improve the VST stuff yourself they sure have to answer you.
Ok, you can not change Reason itself, but there might be challenges in VST land. It can also be bad idea , too off topic, just wanted to share this with you. I think you have the skills to do this, that would be a good joke if you made something which opens some eyes in C++ programmingland.

Thanks again for the very nice info, keep it up even in hard times.
17 Nov 2018 


He Hydelide

I've been following you for quite some time now and I too from time to time experience some hikups but still give them creators some time to get their sh.. together.

I have used about all DAW's possible and really believe in reason as a package that has it all or will continue to grow.

I also have the komplete ultimate and tbh ...native instruments are real moneysquishers.

other vst: The full package of air, AAS plugins... you get the picture.
As for the use of komplete... give me standard reason and re anyday...

Ableton live is cool at first but not a great tool to create "all genres" of music. It really is a good live tool.

In reason I tend to and you could be mad for me saying this because obviously YOU KNOW all this but not every reader: I "bounce a lot" to wave , make "combinators" and close them graphics in the rack.

I tend to have more cpu loss with w10 then W7 that really has the most impact for me but yeah the ups and downs of vst usage ...

If WE didn't use the damn things WE wouldn't have to complain about them as vst usage has always been an issue for other daws and complaints about daws and vst compatibility...and much anger... don't forget about all the joy it gives and gave you.

One can lose his focus when you have too many vst's or the more is not always te better.

to say it in another language: Een beetje geduld en dat komt wel in orde hoor. Keep believing !!!

and BTW: I turned off hyperthreading and multicore support
27 Oct 2018 


It is sad to have you going, I have learnt and continue to learn a lot from you. you truly are a reason expect.

I have enjoyed and have been inspired by this website, lately your youtube channel

I get the limitation of reason especially what you have mentioned, including your powerful PC being limited by a daw

I am glad that you will leave the content you have created

All the best, I will be seeing you soon and confident that I will follow your new developments since I have become a fan of how you share content

I wish you the best
25 Oct 2018 


Good for you man! I would hope Propellerheads would listen and make some changes, especially with all the content you have developed out here plugging their product... Pretty gutsy to walk away from all those RE.... BUT - they can be used via ReWire with Ableton.... I personally think having two DAWs makes sense. I have both Reason and Ableton, and like each for different reasons....... Pulling for the Ableton route for you, but respect your decision!
25 Oct 2018 


Hi there..

well, when every fan of Reason see a big star going onto new DAW, then it really hurts (so read it as they are also in frustration - bad invested money).
I see your problems even if i dont understand it all.

Im also using many other DAWs:
FL Studio - for its Pay Once and Lifetime upgrades + upgrade paths (this is, where all DAWs have to be) - and the handling of VST (i like the workflow.. it is something other)
Synapse Audio Orion (oh.. man.. this one was something creative - just make music - easy workflow - now it is gone)
Renoise - because i grew up on trackers :P
and of course.. REASON..

When they said something about VST i was happy to see that but i always take reason as a creative DAW (for complex sounds with wireing and i really like rack extensions). So VST was for me as a cherish on top of cream (and stil is). I just got and old I3 with only 8 GB RAM.. which is for today standards a toy..yes..but it also open many ways to be creative to put the CPU not to much, but create a big sound, that will stand..

What i would like to say is, that it is nothing wrong, to try other DAWs. Maybe you will be more creative, than nowadays. Hydlide make a BIG MANUAL for user of Reason. His work is excelent and i thing he makes a big inpact on all of us.

I hope, that he will continue with his work on Reason and maybe, PROPs will make a patch, that will make the use of Reason on many cores a choir..

Keep it.. see you soon :)
25 Oct 2018 

steve84084 least for me. Great for sounds like.

I get the frustration. I have tried a couple different DAWs myself, for comparison and there is a case to be made for Ableton. I know nothing about Bitwig, other than Loop Loft offers it. I would be interested in your opinion of it. I haven't tried Komplete but I have some NI Vsts...well...I have Massive. I like Massive. As far as are a much "heavier" user than me. What I mean is that you use, for example, many more instances of Expanse. I may use 2 at the most. My music is much simpler. I have an i7 with 8 cores and 12 GB of RAM. My sound "designer" skills are infantile.

Your series on CV is a nice refresher for me. CV confused me for some reason. I don't know why the whole concept never made sense to me, but the first video of the CV series and I slapped the back of my head and said: "oh shit...yeah it makes total sense and why was I so confused."

You have had such a profound effect on me over the years. discovering your site and videos opened door I never could have opened on my own.
I will continue to follow you no matter what. I may follow for the sense of humor alone: It's worth it. I can learn and laugh. Why not?

I have way too much invested in REASON. Waaaaaaaaaaay too many REs. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many Refills. I may even have way too many VSTs. Waves came out with a couple of analog tape VSTs I like.

One more question, if I may. What is your opinion Izoptope Ozone 8? (I guess in my case Elements because I'm a poor poor man)

I am looking forward to what you have next.

-Stephen Mitchell (qaos55...the stupidest name in history))

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