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Mixfood WT4 Wavetable synthesizer Review

Mixfood WT4 Wavetable synthesizer Review

Welcome back to another reason rack extension article. Today we'll be looking in to the next IDT device from Studio Corbach. The latest extension that has been released for the Reason Rack is a device called Mixfood WT4 Wavetable synthesizer. While this could be seen as a similar product such as the Mixfood Remix yet they are also quite different in a design point of view with some similarities over the complete device. While this article should really be seen as a rack extension comparison article there are some moments in time we might start looking back at devices we have seen from the same company / brand / person. Make note I am not endorsed by the owner of these products nor am I endorsed by Propellerhead. Because of this I can just speak my mind, and I will still not shut up. I'll try to be honest here and throw in some constructive criticism while this article progresses over time. 

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