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Nostromo 2 Spectral Synthesizer

Nostromo 2 Spectral Synthesizer

Welcome back to another article about a Rack Extension. In this article we'll be looking at Nostromo 2 from Lectric Panda. Nostromo 2 is a Spectral Synthesizer. The idea with this concept is that the user can define up to 9 different wave form slots and as a result this can become a complete waveform in a sequence. In theory this could be seen as a custom made wave table synthesizer where you set up wave table plays back. Every waveform in wavetable is defined by a wide range of spectra (hence the name of this synth). The playback takes place is defined by a wide range of LFOs (and there are a lot of them). This could be done by using a XFade setting which cross-fades between the different wavetables in the sequence or it could done by jumping from one wavefrom to another.

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