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Luna Dual Performance Synthesizer Review

Luna Dual Performance Synthesizer Review

Welcome back to another vlog entry. In this vlog entry, I will be talking about Luna the Dual Performance Synthesizer. This synthesizer was released on 26 January 2018 does have some potential. While getting the trial and reading the documentation it started to feel like a basic limited sample player based on sounds from the Moogmini Voyager. While looking back at rack extensions that already exist there are two synthesizers that emulate the same synthesizer in real time. Which are VK-1 Viking synthesizer and the VK-2 Viking synthesizer.  Once you start comparing specs and prices it makes a lot more sense to compare Luna with the VK-2. Is this fair? Nope, not really. But I think it isn't fair to price your synth almost as close as the VK-2 either. Hence I am comparing these two synthesizers (the Luna and the VK-2) with each other. 

12 months ago
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