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Low Fidelity

Type of Sound

lo-fi sound in Reason and how to create it

lo-fi sound in Reason and how to create it

Welcome back to another article about Propellerhead Reason. In this article I want to mainly focus on elements that are the so called lo-fi sounds, how to create low fidelity or artifacts you can create inside Propellerhead Reason itself. While since Reason 9.5 we have access to VST plugins, there are some plugins that mainly focus on to getting that specific feeling. In terms of default Rack devices it just comes down to understanding what Lo-Fi is. How it got there in the first place. So we are able to mimic its behaviors. However there are some default Rack Extensions in Reason (like AudioMatic) which can be help full tools to reshape the sound. So lets dive right in to it... shall we...

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