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One hour mixing and mastering class

One hour mixing and mastering class

Hi, I am Hydlide of Reasonexperts.

Today I am going to share a video on my mainstream channel about mixing and mastering in Reason. Before sharing this video I want to clarify a few things. With mixing and mastering, there are a few standard techniques we can apply to make a mix work. This has also been documented in an article I wrote called the mixing guide. The idea with the following mix I am about to do is to capture a live recorded band. This is a different thing than your traditional mixing mastering session because it requires three or more different factors: positioning of the band, space, and room composition. In a traditional mix, you would most like the mix in mono and create a stereo field later. A live recording works totally different. Even better we can toss away the rules of mixing and mono and create a few new laws while doing so. One thing that is important is the mono mix check (which is different than mixing in mono by default).

one year ago
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