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RealTek Asio and Drivers in Reason

RealTek Asio and Drivers in Reason

I think it is time for a technobabble article about Propellerhead Reason. By reading different Q&A posts (Reddit, forums and so on) is that there is a lot on the subject about Realtek ASIO drivers and ASIO4ALL drivers. These subjects always come back. DirectX drivers are usually not really a subject matter but I am going to bring these on the table and discuss it. Just to put this in to context, the topic about audio card drivers has a history. First of, there is latency. We all know that latency is bad because of a few things: the responds time of what is happening on screen needs to be in sync with what you are hearing. Second, if you play a midi instrument a high latency will be a killer to work with. So in most of those cases you want to have a lower latency as possible but still enjoy what you are playing / making.

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