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Spider cv merger splitter in Reason

Published: 2016-10-12

Reason Spider CV Merger and Splitter

The Spider CV merger and splitter inside of Propellerhead Reason are probably the stranges devices inside the reason rack. On the other hand, they can have a real big influence if it comes to routing your instruments. Because that is what these spider units do, they reroute signals from one device to another, either merges the signal or splits them.

It is all in the rear of the Reason Rack

Reason Spider CV Merger and Splitter

When you press the Tab key, or goto the menu option: Options / Toggle Rack Front-Rear we can see the rear of the Reason Rack. The real cool part with having this rack view, it also works the same way as in hardware synthesizers. Having all kinds of different jacks that can be tide together.
Lets start simple

Lets start with a basic example on rerouting signals from one device to another. With the first example I have connected the LFO of the first Dr-Rex player to the Filter 1 of the subtracter. With having the LFO set on 3/16, which will mean that each 3/16th note the lfo will be repeated.

RNS Download: Routing
MP3 Download: Routing

Ok, with explaining a little bit about routing, you might already guess where this is headed too... Because we can reroute any CV signal as long the input is connected to the output of a device. Heck, we can also route a device internal if we want to like this:

RNS Download: Routing internal
MP3 Download: Routing internal

Ok, it sounds odd in a way, but I think you get the picture.

The CV Merger - Multiple LFO's routed inside one effect

Usually there is only one slot to connect to one slot. Which is usually all we needed. But sometimes it's nice to have something differently from time to time. Thats where the mergers come to mind. For instance we have 2 different LFO settings. One is set on 3/16th and the second one is set on 1/4th. We need 2 different instruments that have an LFO, so lets just grab 2 different subtractors. We'll be connecting the 2 different LFO's from both subtractors and park them inside the Spiver CV Merger (the left section of the spider cv merger splitter) and the output of the Spider CV merger is going inside the filter frequency of the first subtractor. Leading into 2 different LFO setting being inner connected to the filter frequency. And this sounds like this:

RNS Download: 2 Time LFO
MP3 Download: 2 Time LFO

The CV Splitter

The splitter does the oposite on what the merger does. We can use one output signal from a specific device and connect that to multiple input signals. For instance, we can connect the pattern of a redrum to multiple devices and let the pattern trigger the notes. To do this, we are going to abuse the Gate out of the Redrum, connect that to the splitter part of the Spider CV merger and splitter. By adding 2 substractors and parking the amplitude envelope inside the split section of the CV splitter we can now use 2 different subtractors playing the exact same notes...

RNS Download: Redrum abused
MP3 Download: Redrum abused

Using the CV merger and splitter inside the combinator

To extend the usability of the combinator, routing the signals can become a real important factor. Since we can just build this really huge module which will act as one big synthesizer on its own.With using the spider CV merger we can reroute all kinds of different signals inside the combinator patch as we see fit. And the real cool part, because it is a combinator device, we can save this device as one huge module and reload it somewhere else when we need it... including all the routing schemes. First, as done with the LFO's, heres a nice example of some sweeping effect and an LFO parked inside the Rotary 1 of combinator.

RNS Download: LFO Effect
MP3 Download: LFO Effect

RNS Download: Sweeper
MP3 Download: Sweeper

For an overview on how to handle the Matrix combined with the CV Merger Splitter and parked inside the combinator, I would advice you to look up the tutorial section called the Combinator. Since I have parked a couple of demonstration files in there aswell that will show some advanced routing schematics

I hope you learned something after reading this complete tutorial about the CV merger and splitter.

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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2016-10-12

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