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PSQ 1684 version 3 video series

Published: 12 months ago

PSQ-1684 version 3

The following video series is about the PSQ-1684. This device from Lectric Panda is ideal for creating EuroRack design type of setups. While in theory, this device is a Pulse Generator, a Sequencer and Quantizer in one it is a very flexible device to make odd sequences work. The pulse can be connected to a sequencer, or you can decide to use a pulse directly to a different device (and let that control something else). I might note that this device might require some knowledge about Control voltage to make full use of this device. It just depends on how complicated you want to create your designs, more or less.

the PSQ-1684 Version 3 is available for Reason 9.2 and above

You can grab the PSQ from the shop here: PSQ-1684

And maybe watch these video tutorials I have provided on my mainstream Propellerhead Reason Video channel (ReasonExperts)

The video series

In this video series, I will re-visit the PSQ-1684 once more. In this case, I will be talking about version 3. There have been many iterations of this device where the last one (version 3) is Reason 9.2 upwards compatible.

PSQ-1684 is a step sequencer that fits well in the realm of Euro Rack designs. Originally it was meant to create complicated sequences. While later on the S.Reg and the Klee methods have been added (Version 2). Since of the latest version (version 3 of the PSQ-1684) we have been treated with additional panels to create velocity lanes and auxiliary lanes. This is a welcome addition just to make things a bit more complicated while versatile at the same time.

Version 3 also comes with a Modulation Bus Matrix. Which makes allows for some creative routing options.

In this series I will be talking about the following features:

- Setting up the pulse, sequencer, and quantizer (a little refresh course if you will since this could also be done using the Version 1)
- Using the hidden sections from the sequencer
- The modulation bus matrix
- The Klee and S.Reg sequencers

While I have done an in-depth series about this device prior to this, there might be some overlap between the two.


In the meantime, I will also share the patches as Reason 9 song files so you can look up different examples I have been creating during this series.

psq-revisited-2 (Zip file 840Kb)

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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 12 months ago

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