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Polymodular Systems Build Dirt made in Propellerhead Reason 9

Published: 11 months ago

Here is another Polymodular system build made in Propellerhead Reason 9. The main idea here is to make use of Movement as a waveform generator. Which can be nice from time to time because it allows you to 'sweep' through the different parts of the waveform itself. The technique is similar to the TableOscillator from WizAudio. The only major difference here is that the PolyModular system is way cheaper vs the TableOscillator. At the same time, the Polymodular system from Blamsoft can do so much more (just being honest and direct about it).

The main drive of the following patch comes from a setting I have called the WaveScaler. And this setting is like a dual LFO (Thor) where the scale determines the amount of movement inside the wavetable itself. This can result in a constant analog bursting tone towards a more chaotic type of waveform the moves all over the place.

While applying this technique I also found different settings inside the movement device which could be used to mess around with. First of all, there is a setting like 'smooth'. Which similar to a setting like "LAG" in other devices. It blends the waveform from sometime really aggressive (saw wave) to something move smooth (triangle).

During the progress of this patch (which took almost 1 and a half hour to complete as it is right now) I added different angles of distortion (Scream 4) and dirt (Pulveriser). While moving the dirt setting it also focusses on different frequencies while moving the Dirt knob.

While applying different filters, I started to mess around with two different notches over left vs right. While applying manual movement I later decided to make a Chaos setting inside the combinator to scale the movement in the filters over left vs right. So without the Chaos setting, it is a constant notch filter (with a KBD setting applied to it). While opening it up, it adds movement over left vs right in a linear direction.

To add a wide variety of effects I have been adding 3 buttons that can be punched to set up a unison, reverb, and delay. Nothing really special there.

Just to sum it up, for now, the main controls for this patch:

Rotary 1: the Waveform Movement
Rotary 2: Low Pass Filter
Rotary 3: Dirt amount + Scream adjustments
Rotary 4: Chaos (moving notches)
Button 1: Unison
Button 2: Delay
Button 3: Reverb

Polymodular Build Dirt

While the original patch is made Propellerhead Reason 9.5 it should be compatible with Reason 6.5 and above.



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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 11 months ago

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