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Polymodular systems build Complex

Published: 11 months ago

While I have been working on a few different ideas to make a patch inside the Polymodular systems there is one thing I haven't tried myself yet, so... time to do it. First of all, let me share my thoughts before I am going to provide the whole concept as I have made this one. Normally if you take an instrument that contains an envelope the envelope will be used per voice. While in theory, you can manipulate envelopes (and what they do) inside the Polymodular systems. So they do not always have to listen to a single note or key. They can also be set up different. With that idea in mind, I thought of one easy method to 're-trigger' the envelope (and thus retrigger the envelope on all keys while they are still playing). This can be done by using 2 different distributors. One for being the normal 'sequencer' while the other acts more like an envelope re-trigger device. If you would then think about the number of options in that realm... let me not even start there.

To build this concept I started off with using 2 oscillators per note. This leads to using 16 different VO-1 Viking oscillators. I am also quite impressed by how little CPU these oscillators are using (The F-16 filter is a different story though, but awesomeness comes with a CPU hit). All those sound will be traveling through a filter where the filter is controlled by an envelope (an envelope-controlled filter that is). The cool thing about the Envelope Generator called movement is that it can also receive a gate input. So the second distributor controls only the envelope while the first distributor controls the sound output.

Meaning, while pressing and holding the notes, and adding an Envelope amount to the filter you can gate all the notes using the fourth key while doing so. This results into an unconventional method on controlling sounds.

To make sure everything can be controlled by twisting knobs, the most interesting settings would be, filter to envelope and, the note to filter in this case. Since those will also increase the 'oddness' of this type of synth behavior. While most synths 'hard code' their methods, in this case, you can just turn this on or off by twisting knobs and hitting buttons.

The controls of this build are as following:

Rotary 1: controls the filter frequency
Rotary 2: controls the resonance of the filter
Rotary 3: set to 64 (12 o clock) means the envelope is not used, above 64 means a positive slope, below the 64 means a negative slope
Rotary 4: Will apply 2 basic effects (reverb + delay)
Botton 1: enable/disable the mentioned note effect

Polymodular build complex

The following build was made using Reason 9.5 but should work with Reason 6.5 and above.


And here is the video I just uploaded to youtube while demonstrating this patch:

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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 11 months ago

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23 May 2018 


Just insane and lush. I'm amazed by the routing!

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