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Polymodular Build Malstrom Swirl

Published: 11 months ago

Good evening, I just finished working on yet another polymodular systems build. This one is also based on using Malstrom Graintable synthesizers. While in the previous build I focus more on having a more 'constant' sound. This build is all about movement in the waveforms and making use of the movement using movement to move things around different. Confusing right? Just to explain this bit, inside the Malstrom you can find several wavetables which are all about moving through different bands if you will. For instance the Sweeping Saw, the Spectral Sweep, the Vocoder Bands and Swirl and so on. Especially the last three I just mentioned are quite interesting to get some random sweeping sounds from them. Even while there is also a random sweep wavetable. But that one is still based on a pattern.

To have the movement inside the wavetable controllable you can make use of the mod wheel controller to make it all work out. The Motion needs to be set to -64 on every oscillator while using the Modwheel to Modulator at full. The modulator A can then be used as an LFO source to control the motion. Meaning, the more you open up the Modwheel the more motion is applied, the more the wavetable changes.

Wavetable movement

A single Malstrom patch to control movement inside the wavetable itself can be looking like this. Motion is set to 0, Modwheel to Modulation is set to max. And the Mod A index has an amount.

Movement inside the spectrum using F-16 Filter can be done by using a combination of notches. It isn't really a spectral sweep (like what you will be hearing from, let's say, additive synthesis). But it can be a nice additional setting to sweep through different frequencies while the waveform is exactly doing just that (another reason why those sweeping sounds inside the Malstrom are so freaking awesome.

Anyway, the following polymod build I am going to share is based on the idea mentioned above. It uses the following settings inside the combinator:

Rotary 1: Filter Notch
Rotary 2: Resonance Notch
Rotary 3: Filter Lp + Notch
Rotary 4: Resonance LP + Notch 

Button 1: Enable the UN-16 on all malstroms
Button 2: Enable the Single / Dual mode of distrubutor (this also sets up pan settings inside Mark VIII)
Button 3: Enable multitab reverb (RV-7000)
Button 4: Enable Filter Parallel mode

Modwheel (the most important one): Sweep through them Wavetables

Also, you might notice that all the notes play a different variation between every synth inside this combinator. This was done by design. 

Polymodular build Sweep

The following patch was made in Reason 9. But it should be Reason 6.5 and upwards compatible. This patch uses the Polymodular systems from Blamsoft (a Rack Extension bundle you can get from the Shop).


Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 11 months ago

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