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Goa Trance in Propellerhead Reason Serie

Published: 2017-05-10

Welcome back to another video series about Propellerhead Reason. In this series I am going to display a wide range of different options to product a genre like Goa Trance music in Reason. In this series I am going to talk you through a wide variety of different options regarding to drums, bass lines, melodies, leads and effects. While the examples I am giving in the following series are just a 'few' methods to create Goa Trance, it should be a nice starting point to get things going. What is even better, I am going to provide all the material given in this video as a Reason 9 file.


Rack extensions using in this file:
- Synapse Antidote
- Rob Papen PunchBD
- ABL3.0 (this was still done with the older version)
- Synapse Deep Reverb (Send Effect Chain)

I tried to keep away from Rack Extensions as much as I could. Mainly using the Subtractor, the Malstrom and Thor as synths. Sometimes I use the NN-XT for sound effects. But while doing this whole series, I was coming to a point I had to start using Rack Extensions. While it comes to the bass drum (which is quite an essential element), you are able to grab the original render (without processing, exported as 48kHz / 24-bit) here:

Goa Trance KickDrum

The video tutorial series is build up as the following:
- setting up basic elements regarding the bass lines
- setting up different type of lead elements
- setting up percussion elements
- creating fillers
- effects
- creating the complete sequence from start to finish (this is done in one long session)
- creating the final mix down (this is done in one long session)

All this is put in one big playlist. Which you can just play from start to finish. Pause it when needed, or skip elements once these things become too boring.

Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2017-05-10

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