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EDM Music patches for Expanse

Published: 2017-07-29

In this post you can find a link to a reason refill (or just loose patches) in the direction of EDM Music. These patches have all been created with Expanse using Serum wavetables that are in the public domain. Courtesy goes to Adventure Kid from Sweden regarding the wave tables that are in this download link. If you like these wavetables, I would suggest checking out his website. In this patch pack you can find only 92 patches which are created in a time span of 5 months time (who cares how much time this would take). The wave tables are custom serum based wave tables.

These patches will require Reason 9.2 (at least) since a lot of these patches are build with custom wave forms from Adventure Kid. Also it is best to have the latest version of Expanse (which is version 2.1 at the moment I am writing this down).

In this patch pack you will find:
39 bass patches
21 key patches (for chords and leads)
8 monophonic leads
20 pads
4 sequenced patches
99 wave forms from akw

Have fun with these EDM patches. File size is around 74Mb. Enjoy!

expanse patches (74Mb)

Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2017-07-29
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10 Aug 2017 


:-)Great fun exploring with your tutorials as usual - thanks Hydlide. These tutorials are fantastic for picking up technique, but also for the musical stimulus. Particularly liked the patch 'seq-fm-to-velocity', especially when my midi is mangled via the Players....Thanks again!best regards

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