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Published: 2016-09-24
Real nameEdwin van der Heide
Nick nameHydlide /

The main author of the site is born on 1974 in Brampton Canada. Moved to the Netherlands on the age of 4.The Author of this website has a long enduring history regarding coding, musical ventures and making sites (like this one).

Interest in to music started on the age of 14 while coding Z80 and General Instruments chip assembly. This by itself was the beginning of the learning curve to understand the fundamental pieces about sending numbers to ports and those ports would then produce the sound (similar as Control Voltage, but then using digital numbers).

On the age of 19, Edwin coded the OPL4 replayer in assembly. This replayer can still be found on numerous msx sources. This replayer gave Edwin the power and understanding of Wavetables and FM Synthesis. While reading technical datasheets and translating those to musical output.

After this, the move was made towards modplug tracker. Since everything before this was done on Amiga / MSX computers, the move to tracker software was quite logical. While using modplug tracker the debute album of Hydlide was made on 1999 (no name can be given here, because of legal issues).

Edwin van der Heide (also known as Hydlide) started to use Reason since 2002. While rebelling against the sitting record labels, Hydlide decided to create his own set of brands. This started with the a website called "The Homepage of Hydlide". A brand that later got known as "Hydlide a music artist with his own style".

This brand was spread through sites like "Trax in Space" (2004), Modplug Central (2005). While the music industry is flooding stuff on bandcamp , soundcloud and youtube, Hydlide decided to make a unique brand called "Hydlide24". A name with a number, which become a meaning in years to come.

Hydlide24 was meant as a youtube channel to provide knowledge on how to get shit done in Reason. Going through the heavy hardcore sound design topics like Frequency Modulation (now where did this come from?), and creative sound scapes using the Malstrom and some heavy CV modulation.

This all started to rise up from 2007 till 2010. During this same period, the Sound of Reason was born. Yet this project had to be killed due to real life issues like: Health problems, mental problems, burn outs, visiting multiple shrinks and so on.

In 2011 Reasonexperts was created... not having any clue what this venture would bring. While the previous endeavors where under some heavy marketing at times, reasonexperts would be a cold start project. The idea would be similar as the previous set ups: provide and share knowledge about how to get stuff done in Reason.

The big difference between Reasonexperts and the previous set ups would be that this one is a solo event. Yes... everything has been put together by one person. And currently I feel dedicated enough to fulfill this legacy for many years to come.

In 2016 Reasonexperts has been rebuild from the ground up again. The main features is to integrate everything in to a single platform. This means that comments are hosted in house (not using the service of disqus anymore). The videos are embedded in the site itself. Music projects are hosted on the same site (not using soundcloud anymore). And the plans are pretty big for the long term.

I have been doing this "thing" almost for 13 years now.


Edwin van der Heide aka Hydlide

Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2016-09-24

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28 Jan 2019 


Sure as hell miss the REASON videos. I guess there are plenty of them past ones to continue watching. I guess you're done with REASON and strictly ABLETON. Nothing against ABLETON but trying to learn a whole new DAW is frustrating. I've tried. I have so damn many RE's and so many dollars invested in REASON I'm totally lost. LOL
I'll start watching the ABLETON videos so I can get a "fix" and learn something at the same time.
7 Dec 2018 


Just discovered you on the 2018 FAWM site, I hope you'll be back next year!
29 Aug 2017 


Please respond to the comment. pictures of the waveform and harmonic data can be very useful to me.

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