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Ableton Live 10

Published: 3 months ago

Hi I am Hydlide

In this vlog entry I am going to talk like as I would make a beginners tutorial on how to use Ableton Live and having the different workflows inside it.

While there is one daw in particular that does something similar (Bitwig for instance). Most other daws usually have a linear workflow regarding to make a song. You record a track, layer different tracks and you export the file.

Ableton on the other hand (same could be said for bitwig) uses a clip launcher. Which is a unique concept to get things done pretty fast (especially if you use Push 2, or a launchpad for instance).

In this video I will explain how the different workflows work with in ableton. And how you can build a track from start to finish.

Just make note, there are many different ways to make a song in Ableton Live, and even this video might not cover all major methods. Just saying that out loud.

Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 3 months ago

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