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Pigments and my opinion about this Wavetable synthesizer

Published: 2 months ago

I am Hydlide, welcome to my vlog

Today I am going to give my personal opinion about Pigments from Arturia. Pigments is a Wavetable synthesizer where the idea here is to use different parts of a wavetable and morph this in to your own unique sound.

The major issue I am having with this 'idea' and concept is that Pigments does not really add anything new to the table regarding to wavetable synthesis. Especially if you compare this with existing VSTs out there, like Massive from Native instruments and Serum from Xfer. Even better, this device looks and feels more like Arturia their take on making their version of Serum (no, not Expanse lol).

While their morphing engine works pretty well while using wavetables, if you play samples directly it feels odd and weird.

This is why I would recommend that they would implemt a feature that allows a method where you can choose how to play back the morph method.

While a lot of this stuff I am saying is partially my own opinion. There are some positive things I can add to the table. For instance, the way they implemented their modulation methods is quite awesome to work with (compared to other synths).

But if you would ask my in my face, would you get this while having Massive and Serum... Today I would say no.
Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2 months ago

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