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Ableton Live 10
making an album

Published: 2 months ago

Hi I am Hydlide, welcome to my vlog. Today I am going to post a video tutorial about how I am making an album in Ableton Live 10. The album I am making is all about ambient music and IDM / Glitch while setting up an enviroment that works in the context I am making this album work more or less.

The main ingredients are using a lot of dune 3 patches (as shown in different videos I have posted not so long ago). While additionally I am using a lot of Kontakt libraries that came with Komplete 12.

Eventually I will give a complete tour on Komplete 12 and what it all contains as single videos later. But currently I am just focussing on producing music the way I like to make it.

The productions are made in Ableton Live and this is partially my learning curve on learning how to begin with Ableton Live to begin with. While I know a lot about sound design, and moving different platforms, why not start of with making a complete albume while exploring to learn a new DAW while doing so. This is my Journey, and this is the way I prefer to share it.

Have lots of fun, and I will talk to you later!
Published on Reason Experts
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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2 months ago

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