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432 Hz vs 440 Hz

Published: 2017-09-20

Time for a bedtime story before you can close your eyes. Since it has been a long and tiring discussion about the main reasons behind what is better: 432 Hz and 440 Hz. To be fair and honest here the main answer would be : "what sounds best for you!". Period and end of discussion.

But since this constantly comes back and it leads to a lot of misconceptions about the whole 440 Hz vs 432 Hz thing. Some people say it is the universal sound because it is in tune with the universe. Others compare it with the fibonacci sequence (where I have no idea where this comes from because it just does not make any sense). Others totally mix up the meaning or the definition of 440 Hz and why 432 Hz was ignored. So... With that intro out of the way, lets talk facts and forget the rumors.

The History

To get a full understanding (and bore you to death in the process) about the different frequencies is to understand where all these different frequencies comes from. The 432 Hz originally (at least some claim) that it comes from Pythagoras (a Greek philosopher, mathematician and scientist). He defined music in such a way which was later to be known as Pythagorean tuning.

Pythagorean Tuning

Pythagorean tuning is a mathematical formula translated to a 3:2 ratios and 2:1 ratios which defines the intervals frequencies. Later on this idea was used to create musical instruments and the so called perfect fifth was born. I could just write down the complete history down from 500 BC till now what happened with it. While in theory this is all ratio based there is no given prove about that his tuning process lead to A=432 Hz. The tuning process (in general) would be one of the standards we would get to know in music. It will get more complicated then this.

Meanwhile in Germany (1600-ish) there was a different tuning for instruments. This would be A=567Hz for simple pipe organs. While Mozart would use 421Hz or 422Hz for tuning the instruments. Parts of it are in this PDF document which is a segment from the book : studies in the history of musical pitch. While there were different frequencies and different pitch, some point during word war 2 the native A pitch was changed to 440 Hz in Europe and the United States. This would later on lead to world issues. The major problem that occurred was this: people who play an Oboe in France could not play in an orchestra from China. The same thing could be said for instrument exports and so on.

This is one of the reason why a global standard was introduced (not because the Nazis made it, but it was a global initiative) and this would later be known as ISO-16 (registered on 1975).

So the whole 440 Hz is a standard while 432 Hz was a mathematical formula. And this by itself leads to a lot of fiction. So everything above is based on 'facts'. History even. Some of these are written in books, others have written down studies. Yet there are people who have had feelings about "things" which leads to a lot of speculation and so on.

And this is where we'll continue with some fictional vs facts.

Ancient Instruments

Fictional: Ancient instruments were tuned in 432 Hz. Because they needed to be 'puuurfect'.
Fact: Hertz is defined as one cycle per second and was scientific named by the German physicist Heinrich Hertz in the late 1890s. While the theory was originally proven with the Tonometer made by Johan Scheibler back in 1834.


Fictional: Because water creates cool shapes on 432 Hz, it is there for defined as the natural sound.

Water 432 Hz vs 440 Hz

Fact: Sand does the same but on 345Hz. And sand is a natural product too.



Fiction: Pythagoras A=432 Hz
Fact: Pythagoras used ratios to define the pitch differences between two notes. No one really knows the base note which he used a reference (unless you have an original Pythagoras Bell, then you will be the first).

The Universe

Fiction: 432 Hz is based on 8Hz which is defined as our DNA, The World, the Universe and everything else.
Fact: the base frequency of Earth Heartbeat is proven to be 7.83 Hz (As defined by a case study made by a physicist called Winfried Otto Schumann. If you multiply 7.83 Hz the closest you'll get is to 430.65 Hz.


Fiction: 432 Hz is part of the Fibonacci sequence
Fact: No. It is not. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811. In comparison here are all the musical notes in Hertz. Some would say that 8 is a part of the sequence, while in theory this would be 8.02 to be exact.

In conclusion

While there is a lot of debate weather 432 Hz is the define universal frequency, or it is 440 Hz, it really does not matter. All we know by now is that 440 Hz is adapted as a standard due to events that happened in the past. And history basically told us in the long run that we had to pick a number. While there are different scientific studies that would certain elements to be in sync with a specific number (for instance there is this water flow on 24 Hz, is this the base note now?) it just happens to be an agreement we make for ourselves as artists among each other. 

Just to recap this in a Video format, I found a descent video that kind of recapped most of the important events till this day on how we really got here:

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Published on Reason Experts
Published: 2017-09-20

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29 Jun 2018 


Try this: Use this web site: three different tabs of szynalski. In each one of them put: 432hz (A) in the first one, 486hz (B) in the second one, and 324hz (E) in the third one. (just as an additional data, all of this frequencies are multiples of nine )it's just a glory hearing that perfect combination! NOW TRY THIS:Do the same thing with the pre established notes from the conventional equal temperament and tell me which one do you like most.(that is: 329.6275569128699 for the note E (330 approximately)440 for the note A493.8833012561241 for the note B) (494 approximately)look at that! hear that! even numerically is ugly! so, there's no doubt about this, at least for me.Now think about this: What do you want in your life, (it's very well documented how sound affects water, a great percentage of our body is water), things that reflect perfection and harmony, or the exact opposite?Blessings!Stradivari/Verdi Tuning (A = 432 hz, C = 256 hz), calculated using the Pythagorean method of 3:2 ratio for dominants, 11:8 for sub-dominants, 2:1 for octaves.Note Frequency (hz)- Mid Low (1 octave below middle C)C 128D 144E 162F 176G 192A 216B 243-- Mid (middle C)C 256D 288E 324F 352G 384A 432B 486-- Mid High (1 octave above middle C)C 512D 576E 648F 704G 768A 864B 972
21 Sep 2017 


The thing about 432Hz is not that everything in nature 'is' tuned at 432hz, but everything kind of wants to be there, and will come as close as possible to that sweetspot let's call it. Ancient instruments weren't 'tuned' at all in terms of how we consider tuning an instrument (if we are talking about true 'ancient' ones, not the middle ages), but just resonated sound as it comes from nature (f.e. percussion on wood). Sound in nature will actually afaik be as close as possible to 432hz tuning, which is why also our Earth 'resonates' at just a tad below the 8hz root frequency. Even brainwaves, expressed in herts, portray a ratio to 8: delta waves 1 to 4hz (1/2 of 8hz = 4hz max), theta waves 4 to 8hz (1x 8hz max), alpha waves 8 to 12hz (3/2 of 8hz = 12hz max), beta waves 12 to 40hz (5x 8hz = 40hz max)...nature tries to attune itself 'towards' that 8hz root or A=432hz regarding music. And things like cymatics is actually an ancient science of 'sound' of which we are not yet really aware anymore, that goes beyond just creating some neat patterns, and thought to be (even in some corners of the scientific community) at the base of potentially the ability to levitate things by reducing their mass by 80% through using sound on 'matter' in a very specific manner. If you look at an ancient Sumerian tablet 'The seated giant' f.e., you see a giant figure to the right, on a throne. To the left some much smaller humans worshipping the seated giant, in between them a so called 'Sun disk'...but the Sun disk, as has been discovered a few years ago, is in truth an 'exact' pattern that is created also in using cymatics. If you look at this cymatics chart : -> top row 5th pattern, you see they are identical. I can't remember the exact frequency that would be but along the scales it also repeats a few times over, complexifying as the octaves increase.It is in fact a discussion that goes very far beyond the realm of 'just' music, since it involves discussing things of cosmic nature even, like the music of the spheres and VBM. I have studied all of those things, as also Vortex Based Math, the works of Pythagoras, Plato, even Indian ancient Upanishads and Veda's which weirdly enough (in their own terminology) knew of the same concepts as f.e. Plato and Pythagoras uttered in their time about numerology and its connection to the so called 'divine' (whatever that may be for you), thousands of years and half a world apart. Even VBM and its '9-parity' at its core is found throughout ancient Indian or 'Indus' scripture, terminology and numeric correlations of the cosmos (432,000,000 years = one day of 'Brahma', a Hindu 'cosmic' belief' in present days best seen as the breaths of the universe as it is supposed to expand and contract...according to the belief. Beyond that there are megalyths of 1200 tons and even recently discovered in Gornaya Shoria, Russia in the middle of litterally nowhere woods, where no civilization is supposed to ever have been, there are several cut blocks of 2 to 3000 tons, all stacked into a giant, rediculously large wall. Very old according to the erosion, in terms of many 10's of thousands of years or even much more. The only 'kind of' logical way to explain 'how' they could ever transport those things in the middle of mountains and jungle, regardless of the level of technology, is that they could do something to the blocks to make them more transportable, f.e. using sound (cymatic principles) on matter to reduce its mass. Today scientists CAN do it with small objects already mind you. Using those exact principles of sending exact 'off key' frequencies towards matterial objects (i believe inside an electromagnetic field or something similar). If you look it up, the information is online. The ancient 'Yuga's' are also in 'key' of this 432hz, since the number of years of division within the 'cycle' of 4 Yuga's is in a ratio of 8 or 432, as are actually MOST of those ancient understandings and beliefs, no matter which culture you study, time, age or place. This touches so many subjects it really cannot possibly be concluded in any way by just looking at the musical aspect alone. It involves how in very ancient to ancient times, ppl even divided the cosmic cycles of time into parts of 432, plato discovered a form of numerology, related to the music of the spheres, that utilizes the parity of 9 to transform our current 10 digit number system into a 9 digit number system, by using the '0' only as placeholder that could be used and discarded without affecting the actual values of numeric sequences. The system itself works the same as when you reduce numbers to their core value by adding each cypher until only one remains. f.e. 432 = 4+3+2=9. if I add a zero anywhere, the value doesn't change : 4+0+3+2 = 9. Plato's numerology was actually what lies at the core of VBM, which at its more advanced understandings seems to give us a kind of blueprint at what goes on 'inside' an electromagnetic field, always a torroid. Comes down to this 9-digit system being two systems intertwined, the 369 digits forming one and the 124578 digits forming the second. The way they intertwine and shift along certain ratio's as different 'values' are introduced, seem to match perfectly to measurements done within a torroidial electromagnetic field...this parity of 9 is nothing special in itself, there is even a function for it on most calculators -> par(9) ... but the numeric 'sequencing' obtained from utilizing it holds something special partaining to how electricity and magnetism 'intertwine' when introduced into a closed circuit (pole to pole). Now, I'll tell you that most if not 'all' numbers used in ancient times to describe (or measure) cosmic traits, cycles, 'divine' beliefs, ...were all based on the same parity of 9. -> 432hz = 9 reduced. Even the averaged accepted length of precession, 25,920 years, is 9 reduced. 108, Hindu still see it as a holy number, is 9. If you look closely enough, too many numeric uses even today involve 9 at the core, like degrees in a circle, diameter of earth 7,920 miles = 9 ... diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles = 9... 2,160 is also exactly 1 age of Zodiac, with 12x 2160 = 25920 which is the exact length of precession (the wobble of the earth). 1 degree of arc is always 72 degrees = 9 ... the chinese, as far as their beliefs go into the past, have always seen '9' as the most divine number for reasons beyond just their religion. Like the seated giant, there is actual science hidden within those ancient pieces of knowledge. Science we are only now beginning to 'rediscover' in fact...levitation using cimatic principles is proof of fact, even if it is only small objects for now. All these things are in fact connected to VBM and what it represents at its core, beyond 'just' the numbers, but within the elaborate 'patterns' of numbers that can be extrapolated and used to understand electromagnetism at a whole new level. Solfeggio scale is another example, with all of its root notes also all '9' when reduced. There is something about this that we still don't fully understand, so it is actually impossible to already now go towards any kind of conclusion as to the truth or falsehood of the many subjects it relates to.Thing is, out of experience I know that unless you digged deep into especially VBM, and actually practice the extrapolation of numbers using parity of 9 which is required to have an understanding of what it can be used for, unless you done that for a period of time, learning all you can about it, without it it is extremely hard to understand the actual significance of what VBM and its parity of 9 stands for.If you give it a logical thought, 'if' every planet resonates around this 432 or 8 root, then electro-magnetic fields would be in some manner 'related' or 'involved' in the same numeric 'pattern' or sequencing. VBM shows us that exactly, fail-proof and also fool-proof because its root principles are actually very easy, a child could understand it with ease. 432/8 = 54, which is 1/2 of 108, all seen in ancient times as 'sacred' numbers, and still today in Hindu and chinese beliefs.The numeric system revolves around two main sequences : 396-693, and 124875-578421 (both 396693 and 124875 are 9 reduced). The zero is not a number here, but the 'abscence' of a number, which is why it is like a 'placeholder' signifying a 'void'. In the cosmos, the 'void' is everywhere, even around us, with microscopic black holes created and evaporated constantly, which all hold the 'singularity' or the 'void'. That is why VBM says we can insert and take it away anywhere without it affecting the data surrounding the (visible or invisible) void. f.e. 432 in VBM is the same as 403020 or 4032 or 43002, ... the void, just like in cosmic terms, is everywhere and nowhere, and doesn't affect the actual matter surrounding it, meaning it doesn't change the formation of the objects of matter around it. Like the cosmic void = the abscence of matter, so is the '0' in VBM the abscence of a number or digit, so an abscence of 'value'. VBM sees numeric sequencing and their digits and ratio's in terms of these cosmic understandings, you just need to understand that there is a correlation between those numeric sequences and the way the cosmos and nature follow similar 'patterns' like we see in VBM when using the parity of 9 in that 9-digit system. It is like it is kind of a blueprint the cosmos follows. Because all things cosmic are ruled by electromagnetic forces, everything can be 'expressed' in electromagnetic terms. Issue is we never really understood how the insides of those things worked. VBM is truly changing that but many still find it mumbo jumbo, simply because they truly do not understand it at all. The connection to fibonacci is not easy to explain, but if you lay the first 24 fibonacci numbers in a 24-parts circle, and reduce them all to their core digit, you get this pattern : . You see digits in red and blue. in red the sequence 124875 if you reduce the six red triplets to each one digit, and in blue the sequence 396-693. Remember we extraced this directly from the fibonacci numbers, using only parity of 9. Now, if you look at 'Rodin's fingerprint', the visual representation of the two main sequences upon which the entire math is built : (figure to the right), also there you see the same two sequences, so in fact by reducing the fibonacci numbers and representing them 'cyclic' just like electromagnetic fields occur, the same numeric structure as found and used in VBM are present in the fibonacci sequence. All based around the digit '9'. Inferring that the way fibonacci 'spirals' is related to the way electromagnetics work in nature, and they are very close related in some (still mysterious) manner.This is still just hardly scratching the surface of what I personally know about VBM, parity of 9 and how plato already discovered its importance, pythagoras used it in his work, how in the most early 'found' parts of civilization in the indus valley, beliefs already had placed importance around the 9 and numbers like 108, 432, 528, 36, 64, ...Hell, I'll let you in on another fact many don't know about: the number of the beast is also 9 reduced, but the beast is nothing more than the representation of the 'material' aspect of life. we live in three dimensions of space and one of time. But our concsiousness can 'observe' only the three spatious dimensions. A cube can be represented by taking a digit and multiplying it twice by itself, effectively taking one of its sides and multiplying it twice to know the content value of the cube. 'If' we can say that 432 is the root value from which we start, and a numeric representation of the 'whole' of something, and we must stay as close as possible to it within a fixed ratio, we come to 216, which is 6x6x6 ! 216 is 1/2 of 432, and both are reduced 9, off course. 'If' we can state that 216 is half of a 432-cube, just as our 'material' body is just 1/2 of our whole 'energetic' selves (matter/body+energy/soul), than the material part would be what the 'beast' signifies. All that is bad in fact. The other half of the 432-cube would be the invisible energy. We all know that all matter and matterial life holds an electrical charge, no matter how big or infintessimally small that charge may be. If we can state that matter represents electricity, than the void represents 'magnetism'. The two are always intertwined, they belong together, and it matches the idea that the void holds black holes with a singularity in their center, which exerts a strong gravitational force from within that singularity. That force is equal to magnetism. Science is in fact starting to understand that yes, in the void we find magnetic fields and in matter we find electrical charges, and the way in which electrical charges in the void 'interplay' with the inherent magnetism and 'create' matter is following the patterns and fixed ratio's we find using the rules of VBM, weirdly enough. VBM is a numeric way of interpreting how electrical charges and magnetic fields 'co-exist' and intermingle to create and manipulate matter. That's the truth of it which very few actually 'get'.I am so sry for the wall of text here, but toaddress this specific subject would require knowledge and actual study of so many different things that are seemingly unrelated, that even I can't consider myself actually understanding it 100% by far. And I have put my mind to these kind of things, solely, for several years straight. I still say it is unconclusive, yet there is really something very weird and mysterious about it all, since even the most ancient beliefs confirm the importance of those numbers and their uses and significances...I guess this would be the first article ever posted here that I disagree with, at least its too weakly founded conclusions. Unless you have studied all those things you cannot possibly judge from a wide enough perspective. I do get that the way 'cymatics' and VBM are being portrayed on the surface makes them seem superficial and useless, though you truly need to understand and know about the philosophy at their cores.To fully make someone without all this foreknowledge understand all of this, I would have to write a 100 page essay to just get the basics through. It is that comprehensive, all connected to the 9 and 432...I would not want to offend you H., or anyone, but I know enough about this to say with confidence that no one actually knows enough about this to make a correct conclusion. However, the literally 1000's of correlations found throughout science, astrology, astronomy, history, religion, and throughout the ages and the world, cannot be denied, and neither the many findings thanks to VBM or using 'parity' of 9...Still I like that you want to address the discussion, and appreciate it fully. Cheers buddy.
 21 Sep 2017 


coindence and it is therefore so are 2 different things.personally I am not convinced by the whole theory itself. while there are ideas based on scientific researches that I do find interesting.the problem I find with a lot of people who bring up the logic behind the 432 hz always bring up the same thoughts. yes I have read most of it you have posted. and yes I have read these things in the past.problem is I can prove in different ways to debunk a lot these theoretical ideas. also I do the exact opposite by saying c=512 is the define frequency. I can cook up a lot of stories that define in such way without the process to back it up.therefore it remains a theory while the fact is 440hz is the frequency defined by isolated standards.does plato care? does the universe care ? did you brain complain about it after all those years?who cares about it anyway. I don't. as as it sounds good it's all fine. I am glad that I didn't bring up micro tuning on the table.I am not making a discussion out of it in sake of discussing it. I am just a messenger as the way it happened. and these are no theories they makes you wonder though why mozart used 421 in stead of 432 or 440. sure there is verdi who tuned to 432 and called it the philosophy pitch. maybe that adds to the theory being theoretical. all I know is that my daw starts on 440hz and it sounds fine as it is.I am writing on my phonew so there might be typos
 24 Sep 2017 


Well off course it sounds fine in 440...To the ear it sounds exactly the same, the effect is more pshychological than audible...We all have an opinion about everything, so why not about this. That's normal.Having really studied all those subjects branching off of this though makes me say: inconclusive still.I respect other ppl's opinions, so in stead of trying to convince you without success, I'll just go back to making some music :)440 or 432, in either case your music is still just music ;)Just saying, the concept goes a lot deeper than most would believe, and the depth it goes is unbelieveable for most,so like with most things in life just make up your own dammed mind :pOne thing I'd like to address (forgot to mention it) about Rodin's fingerprint is the way it actually represents electricity and magnetism.The 124857 sequence (the infinity symbol) represents a 'closed' circuit of energy that loops infinitely: electricity. The 396-693 sequence (the open triangle) represents an 'itterating' circuit of energy, jumping from end to end (pole to pole): magnetism.Best case scenario you should try to get a hold of Marko Rodin and have a talk with him, though these days I imagine that's no longer that easy to do...In any case, I realize it is kind of useless to try and get you in on these concepts, cause imho there truly is something about it.Everything in this world/cosmos is governed by duality, and electromagnetism is only one of countless examples of it which affects frequency, either 'positively' or negatively. I for one truly believe that frequency, and therefor sound, can have either a constructive or a destructive 'effect' on anything 'physical' in nature.That's kind of where the belief comes from that negatively 'tuned' music is supposed to have a negative/destructive effect on say 'DNA'...Again it goes a lot deeper and further than one would be comfortable to believe...The Azian folks understand this a lot better than we though, f.e. in Japan there are hospitals that never use 'medicine' in any way, but utilize pure emotional 'intent' to heal ppl, even from cancer and the likes. Using the electromagnetic field surrounding the human heart, they 'project' their pure intent to heal a person onto that person's EM-field, and they spontaneously heal. Some researchers have visited the place and have witnessed it first hand.I already knew when I first read about it, that the human heart has an EM-field stretching 5-10 meters around the body, and that you can 'affect' the emotional state of another person by just being physically close to them. When close enough to another person, your heart's EM-field touches or 'merges' with that person's, and they can (and will) directly affect each other instantly through using 'emotions'. F.e. when one person acts angry and starts yelling at the other person, if close enough that person will actually 'feel' the imprint of thatv 'negative' emotion on his 'person' (read: his em-field), and will instantly feel that adrenaline boil inside...some can remain calm on the outside, other can't and will instantly have their emotional state altered 'negatively'...that's how emotions actually work, yet hardly anyone knows about it. It's all electromagnetics that affect the actual resonance or vibration or 'frequency' of our own HEART.Same dualistic way can our body be expressed: the brain or mind is governed mostly by electricity. The brain is dominantly electrical. Period.The heart though is governed through magnetism, although again, hardly anyone realizes it. The heart's Em-field is held stable through the magnetic source in our heart called the singularity. I is the opposite of the brain and dominantly magnetic. It is the source of our belief that brain is masculine (logic, reason, electricity), heart is feminine (emotion, intuition, magnetism). All things of matter possess the singularity at their center (all atoms, all living things in their heart, all stars, galaxies, ...). The gravitational influence through the Em-field in the heart working together with the electrical impulses from the brain are 'combined' what also keeps our physical pattern (our body) stable in this reality through the same em-field around our body. It creates standing waves of matter which is another topic, though very scientific and highly related to both frequency/sound and electromagnetics. Soon as the heart stops, that em-field dissolves (although the electrical brain still tries to maintain it by itself) and your body dies off and starts to decompose, which is because the standing waves of matter, projecting the 'in-phase' pattern of your physical self cease to exist.Like I said to decently explain it all 'coherently', I'd need another 1000-page thread like I once did. I can imagine many reading this one page and going 'huh ?'.And history teaches us over and over that when ppl do not 'know' of something, or something does not fit their general system of 'beliefs', they will automatically dismiss it as being mumbo jumbo, made up and/or 'impossible', or just plain crazy...yet history also shows us over and over that usually when ppl dismiss something like that, the dismissal is later in time being proven to have been completely wrong...Best example: the speed of light. For long it was 'theorized' nothing could 'ever' travel faster than the SOL.By now science is opening their eyes to how wrong that statement has always been...Whatever is 'proven' today, will undoubtably be disproven tomorrow.But going with only what we think we 'know', will never result in a belief system that paints a truthful picture.That is why our current globally accepted 'beliefs' are so incredibly messed up. What we think is perfectly normal in this 'society' is actualy pure madness, and many ancient beliefs that today we 'believe' are phantasy, are more based upon actual (long forgotten) truths than the lies our modern lives are actually built upon.Amen buddy, I'm gonna end with the fact that we simply have to agree to disagree regarding this topic :)Now, let's get back to the fun, Reason, and a lot of geeky ramblings about both ;)

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